Connection Groups

Our connection groups are designed to help build your faith and establish healthy peer relationships.  Find the group for you and stay tuned for their next event to get involved.


Strong Faith,
Strong Connections
& Strong Men.

The Men’s Ministry MBK is a men’s ministry in which men experience the love of God through fellowship with one another.

Meetings are a time to share challenges and get practical support and encouragement. These candid get-togethers are always impactful, dealing with real issues such as finances, marriage, men’s health, fatherhood and career guidance.


Designed to Uplift Through Education, Encouragement & Empowerment.

Each event is planned around a different theme using everything from panel discussions to guest speakers, from weekend retreats to makeovers.

Ladies come away with practical guidance and support to help them get the most out of life.

The ministry is commintted to developing strong and fulfilled mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. Girlfriends! has become a central part of our local outreach efforts as well.

Our Domestic Violence Awareness events have impacted hundreds of men and women fom DC to NY. Past attendees and speakers have included US Senator Chris Coons, Former US Congressman Mike Castle, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, former Dean of Widener University’s School of Law Linda Ammons and Lakewood Worship Director Cindy Radcliff, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Real Talk Kim, Nancy Alcorn, and CeCe Winans.

Be on the lookout for our next Girlfriends! Events


EVOLUTION Grades 6-8

Directors: Eddie & Janna Chavis

Evolution is one of our newest groups developed for Middle School youth in grades 6, 7 and 8.

We meet occasionally providing fun events where kids can interact with one another, build relationships and stay involved. We also have group discussions on how to deal with problems they face in a Godly way so that they have scriptural guidance to help them in their every day life.

Evolution is a group where youth in a critical transition period are free to be who they are. We assist them on their journey as they grow and mature in life and in God.


Directors: Jerome (jr.) & Antoinette Lewis

In addition to having the opportunity to discuss real life issues and learn life-transforming spiritual lessons, teens receive practical assistance with subjects such as SAT preparation and college scholarships.

There are also special events including ski trips, theatre, dance, 3-on-3 basketball and opportunities to minister in and around the community. More than anything, S.W.A.T infuses individual lives with the powerful anointing of God.

“What happens in S.W.A.T stays in S.W.A.T”

THE BRIDGE Fellowship Group Ages 19-29

For a bridge to be able to bear the amount of weight that will cross over it; there must be suspensions all along the way that support the structure.

Our “Bridge” purposes to support young adults through the many transitions faced during this dynamic phase of their lives, while being real, raw and relevant. The Bridge comes together during the last Friday of the month for “Final Fridays”.

Each Final Friday is unique with different activities and subject matter related to a Bridge suspension. Between events and for those away in college, fellowship opportunities ar provided through social media.

DOMINION Fellowship Group Ages 30-39

Directors: James & Keesha Lee, Che & Tanerra Willis, Lamar & Christina Waples

Genesis 1:26 shows us that it has always been God’s intention for us to have dominion on the earth

The age of 30 seems to be a special time of maturity when people from Joseph to David, from John the Baptist to Jesus Himself, were launched into service. Similarly, this team declares it’s time to take Dominion.

Whether serious or fun-filled, various events throughout the year will underscore their determination not to be subject to sickness, diseases, fear, sin or death but rather to live up to their original purpose in these vital years.

CROSSOVER Fellowship Group Ages 40-49

Directors:Henry & Nakia Naylor, Katrina Williams, Michael White, and Sharia Hayes

At 40 one transitions from one level of wisdom to the next.

It is with this same sense of renewal that this special group celebrates their passages from the wilderness into a time of wisdom and joy. And they like to do it having fun!

This active group enjoys hiking, pool parties, paint night, softball games and more!

FAVORED, FUN & FABULOUS Fellowship Group Ages 50-64

FAVORED, FUN & FABULOUS Fellowship Group Ages 50-64
Directors: Leo & Bernadette Cheaton, Wayne & Marlana Maiden, Corey & Trina Vessels

Waltzing through their 50’s and more, this group likes to meet new friends and stay connected to others.

How can you not have fun learning to bop, line dance, and salsa together?

From jazz concerts to game nights, get ready to laugh and relax- great times with great people.

SEASONED SAINTS Fellowship Group Ages 65+

Directors: Neil & Verel Collins, Michelle Washington

Directors Verel, Neil and Michelle have always had such a heartfelt passion for seniors. Their vision was to create a fellowship group that brings older people together to share and multiply the vitality they have within.

Not surprisingly, the seniors themselves are the stars of every get-together!

Their laughter, wisdom, spiritual depth, life experience and faith for the future is a rich treasure infusing every event they create from Family Feud Game Night to Fashion shows to Fall Fests.

Always loving and appreciative, the Seasoned Saints are an excellent model of what a healthy, robust and happy life in Jesus can be.