We offer an exceptional children’s church experience during every Sunday 10:30 service. This experience is often why children ask their parents to bring them back to Seeds Church again and again.



Deposit God’s Word in the hearts of children, making “God real” in their lives for life.

This makes the Seedlings Kids Experience vision to be the #1 place a child wants to be during the week possible. Then, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, we help build strong Christian families. This all fits within the overall mission of Seeds Church and provides a consistent experience of the teaching of God’s Word for your entire family.

The Orange

Through a well vetted process, we chose the Orange Curriculum. Thid curriculum combines the influence of the family (heart/red) with the influence of the church (light/yellow). This combination of “influencers” working together has a greater impact on how children receive Christ in their lives.

Influence of
the family


Influence of
the Church



Times &

Church address: 828 Frenchtown Rd, New Castle, DE 19720

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Every Sunday

Starting at  10:15 A.M - 11:15 A.M

After registering hey are assigned to 6 different classes to best tailor the curriculum message in an age/grade appropriate manner:

6 weeks through 18 months
The nursery room is also available for nursing mothers and infants, equipped with sound so that the service in the sanctuary may still be heard.

19 months through 2 years

3 years through Kindergarten

1st – 3rd grade

4th & 5th grade

Middle School
6th – 8th grade

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The Seedlings Kids Experience is under the leadership of Angi and Greg.

This vital ministry is staffed with over 150 volunteers.

The Seedlings Kids Experience has a variety of roles for volunteers to share their gifts and talents with the children.

Seedlings volunteer roles are done on a rotational basis of 2 Sundays in the Seedlings Kids Experience and 4 Sundays in the sanctuary.

To ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children and the Seedlings workers, we have created an easy health policy to follow.

We ask that parents/guardians do not bring children to the Seedlings Kids Experience if they have had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

• Diarrhea – caused by illness, food or medication
• Vomiting
• Fever of 100 Fahrenheit or above
• Undiagnosed rash
• Open sores
• Runny nose if discharge is not clear
• Discharge around or from eye(s)

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